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Out on the Limb

Denny Way, Seattle - 4 Minute Success

Thursday, October 13, 2005

sb challenge
Originally uploaded by sand dragon.

Bloggers: This post is part of the Starbucks Challenge. Haven't heard of it? Join the action and possibly win a prize!...and become an activist for social justice while you are at it!

Our first attempt to order fair trade coffee yielded mixed results.

We were at Starbucks, 620 Denny Way in Seattle, last Sunday. My husband asked for 2 cups of fair trade coffee. The gal at the counter explained that they only serve fair trade coffee once a month.

So that I could take pictures, I was out of earshot when my husband placed the order. After he returned with 2 cups of non-FT, I went back to the counter with follow-up questions.

Players: Deb, Cashier 1 (who sold us the coffee), and Cashier 2
(happily....no one was in line behind me!)

Deb: "Hi....my husband just ordered fair trade coffee....and, ummm....I guess we weren't able to get that today. He tells me you only provide fair trade coffee once a month, is that right?"

Cashier 1: "Well, we do have fair trade coffee. You can get it any time."

Deb: "Oh!!.....so the coffee we just purchased is fair trade?"

Cashier 1: "No...we only brew it once a month. But you can purchase it any time." (she points to the bean collection in front of the counter)

Deb: (looking confused) "Hmmm. Well, I was more interested in buying a cup of coffee already brewed. When, during the month, do you brew fair trade?"

Cashier 1: "On the 20th"

Deb: "Sooooo... if I want to purchase a cup of fair trade coffee already brewed, I can only do so on the 20th of the month?" (incredulous tone; and efforts to suppress a snicker)

Cashier 1: "Oh....No! We could brew you a cup any time. But it takes 4 minutes."

[By this time, a second Starbucks employee had joined the conversation]

Cashier 2: "I had a customer ask for a cup of fair trade yesterday. I just told him it would take 4 minutes, and he was OK with that."

Cashier 1: "Yes, I should have told your husband that I could have brewed it for you. My mistake."

Deb: "Well, no problem. I'm happy to hear that we can get it brewed any time. I'm sure you will be having many more requests for it."

I then proceeded to explain the Starbucks Challenge to them, and thanked them for their help. All's well that ends well....eh?

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See you there!
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posted by Deb, 2:37 PM


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