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Out on the Limb


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I've spent a good portion of my evening packing up climbing gear for my son who is living in Monterrey, Mexico. Now that he has become aware of just how good the rock climbing is in the surrounding area, he is sorry he didn't take his gear down with him.
Note: The link above is not my son's blog. I just like the pictures.

TravelBlog is awesome. When hubby and I get those wheels rolling, we may add to TravelBlog occasionally. Here at Out on the Limb, however, is where our whole adventure story will unfold! If you are a new reader, here are the pictures of our HOUSE FOR SALE.

Waiting. waiting. waiting....patiently (oh, yeah....right)

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posted by Deb, 6:48 PM


You should get your son in touch with Travis - he's living in Monterrey and has done some climbing down there.
commented by Blogger oso, 1:14 AM  

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