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Out on the Limb

Helping Hands

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hello Spyder Z and other readers. Thank you for asking how you can help the Katrina victims. Here are a couple of my favorite blogs that have a number of HELP LINKS.

Peace Tree Farm
Rob's Online Magazine

Your help and concern are very much appreciated. Thank you.

Regarding the question of blame....human or Gods? My answer is BOTH.

Hurricanes are a natural and expected part of Gulf Coast living; and New Orleans is a particularly vulnerable city due to its below-sea-level elevation. Hurricanes have a huge advantage over other natural disasters: People have time to get out of the way. Yes, many need help evacuating...and I would fully expect government to help those in need of transport.

Wasteful and toxic human activity is contributing to the increased fury of extreme weather worldwide. To help understand how the U.S. fouls herself, see National Resources Defense Council

Top level government greed and corruption has never been so high here in America. The negligence of the Bush administration both before and after the storm is clearly evident.
posted by Deb, 5:05 AM


Nice blog, Deb. It's exciting to see people who aren't just talkin' the talk but are also walkin' the walk.
commented by Blogger Karlo, 6:22 AM  
thanks for the links DEB... will walk the walkin' as kario said.

commented by Blogger Spyder_Z, 1:38 AM  

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