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Friday, September 02, 2005

Still with me?

OK, we are getting down to it now. We have picked our realtors....not the biodiesel guy after all, but I'll introduce you to Colin and Jenny from ReMax later.

I will spend Labor Day weekend finalizing the house (finally finalizing!)....and blogging about how the Bush administration has failed New Orleans citizens miserably. I am so angry.

It looks like we will list the house no later than the end of next week. Wow!
And then we wait. And THEN.....
posted by Deb, 7:54 PM


Thank you so much for the comment on my journal. It is much appreciated.

commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:16 AM  
Katrina had makes quite number of disasters....but who is responsible for that? human or GOD ?

hmmm, even the HUMAN is still not 'cooperative' in sense for rebuilding the place and of aid in New Orleans.....wat can i do ?
commented by Blogger Spyder_Z, 2:54 AM  
Bon voyage, go well when you go.
commented by Blogger Fred, 6:12 AM  

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