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Out on the Limb

Rolling Along

Saturday, August 18, 2007

nondescript lodging
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
Day 1 continued:
The tiring afternoon was spent speeding through the Mohave Desert and then trying to see a train navigate the Tehachapi Loop. We just missed that event, but enjoyed the country-road detour to see this historical site.

After Tehachapi, we continued westward towards I-5 so we could find a room for the nite. On the way, I experienced one of the most beautiful drives I've ever had. It was on 223 West (off Hwy 58 to Alvin in southern California). The rolling green hills were seemingly untouched by manmade objects. The setting sun was highlighting a profusion of purple flowers which had exploded in large patches throughout the region. The place was very hobbitesque. The route is a superb back-road drive, especially in early Spring.

Drive time ends with the usual highway robbery of a pricey and bland (but convenient) room. Dinner was fast food...also bland. (sigh) We managed 295 miles on our first day out.

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posted by Deb, 4:42 PM


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