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Out on the Limb

Perfect Day

Monday, January 07, 2008

Perfect Day
Originally uploaded by sand dragon
I can clearly remember one of the most perfect days of my life.

I was not yet three years old. I was at the beach with my family and friends, and I took a nap holding the hand of a loved one my age.

I remember the warm sun stroking my skin...the sound of the waves, and the gentle salty breeze in my nostrils. I remember the soft sand in my toes and fingers. And, most of all, I remember love. Love of Earth. Love of Friends and Family. Love of Being. Love. Limitless Love.

I now spend my whole life trying to recreate that day.

Think of it. I had fire (sun) wind (breeze) earth (sand) and water (ocean waves)...and love. My life was complete.
posted by Deb, 8:52 PM


You know I feel the same exactly. I'm from a town between Chicago and Milwaukee, and I grew up like two blocks away from Lake Michigan, so I was always at the beach. And I would have to say that the most perfect moment I ever remember experiencing was at the beach. Probably around mid July, 84 degrees, clear deep royal blue sky, the sound of sea gulls in the distance, colorful sailboats tranquilly floating by. Or better yet, there is nothing more profoundly beautiful than seeing the sun rise along the horizon of the sea (or in my case, lake Michigan). That is the best.

I guess I too have been trying to recreate that day of perfect tranquility by the sea. Interestingly, I haven't been able to reproduce it yet since moving to Arizona. Probably because there is no sea. Here the most powerful features of the landscape are the mountains and sky. Big sky; beautiful sun sets, but no sea. That I miss. If there were a sea here, this would be paradise; but without it, not so much. :(
commented by Blogger Cym, 3:35 PM  
Yes, I always feel a bit lost when away from large bodies of water too long.

Still, the never-ending lesson for me is to learn to live "in the moment" with all moments (or as many as possible). Every time I forget to do that, the moment is gone. Forever.

Thanks for stopping by.
commented by Blogger Deb, 8:19 PM  
I know that kind of love of family.
But I must say, lake Michigan sand in the summer burnt my feet is all I can remember as a wee kid on the beach. When I got older I got savy and wore my Keds. LOL
My perfect days lately are the ones I have when vacationing. Less frazzling distractions of home and work.
Glad you're back in form.
commented by Blogger CatWoman, 9:04 PM  

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