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Out on the Limb

Salt Lake to Moab

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 15 of journey, cont'd (it's Saturday, Easter weekend, 4-7-07)

Picnicraven sculpture

After "the incident", we get off Hwy 15 South and head east on Rt 6. Within minutes, we find a riverside park where we stop and slap together some cold cuts on bread. As you can see, it was another blue-sky pleasant Spring day.

We take Rt 6E to Hwy 191S. Somewhere along this route we came across a gas station selling biodiesel! Who would have thought.

We've set our sights on staying the night in Moab, Utah. Little did we know that the televised annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari was in full swing. The town was packed with hundreds of jeeps, and it took us some effort to find a room. The room we got was musty and waaayy over-priced (most expensive dive of my whole trip); and the owner was pleased to tell me he is originally from my neighborhood in San Diego. Scumbag.

It was amusing to me to drive amongst all the Jeepsters with my little biodiesel baby VW! It's nice for people to have fun outdoors, but somehow I don't think this crowd gives a rats ass about "nature". Two issues from my viewpoint: Fuel and Environment

We went to get dinner early while the majority of folks were still playing in the back country. Dinner was excellent at Moab Brewery. The chili was almost the best ever coming in at a close 2nd to a small downtown restaurant in Prescott, Arizona. The cornbread was melt-in-mouth moist and spicy. Yummmm!

Those of us eating on the patio got a good laugh when a jeep zoomed into the parking lot with an elderly women hanging on without seating in the jeep's rear bed. Someone told a mother-in-law joke, and we were all off and running. I laughed 'till I cried, partly as release from the stress of the day, and the beer didn't hurt either.

I looked up a mother-in-law joke for y'all and discovered this:
"I find it interesting that if you rearrange the letters in the word "mother-in-law" you get the words "woman Hitler".

Moab Brewerybest chili

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posted by Deb, 1:55 PM


Actually we do care about "nature". Our family goes to Moab at least once a year. We enjoy the out of doors and we do our part to keep it clean. We donate money and time frequently to the cause. Some of the most scenic areas of Moab are only accessible by off road vehicles, especially for families with young kids. I have mountain biked and hiked all over Moab as well, I am sure I have seen and enjoyed and cared for moab's nature as much or more than anyone, please don't label us because of a few yahoo's that don't care that happen to drive off road.
commented by Blogger Tony, 7:41 AM  
Your opinion is welcome and duly noted. But I still can't agree that such activity is "OK" because it is contained within man made boundaries. The environment subjected to broken oil pans and leaked transmission fluids still suffers. The sport still sucks up precious fuel in the interest of entertainment. Noise pollution disrupts wildlife. And I don't believe it is wise to excuse our harmful excesses with donations of time and money. I'm not just talking about the off-road fans. I'm talking about all of us in so many ways.

Thanks for stopping by.
commented by Anonymous deb, 11:38 AM  
Thank you for letting me comment on your blog. I can tell that we won't change each other's opinion, however I do believe that human activity(entertainment) IS important. We always carry clean-up kits, trash bags etc. and always take out more(trash) than We take in(much of it left by hikers etc). My donations of time and money help the wildlife and the environment so that I may continue to enjoy it. Why do we protect it if we can't enjoy it? Would you rather not "disrupt wildlife" in favor of disrupting the many families that chose to enjoy the out of doors a little differently than you and have been doing so for many generations? Aren't we still a part of nature? Well, I don't want to turn this into and argument, and I do appreciate you letting me stop by. Maybe we can gain a bit from each other, if nothing more than a bit of understanding of our points of views.
Thank you.
commented by Blogger Tony, 12:44 PM  
Hi Tony, Yes it appears we are at an impasse. :) However, I have gained insight by listening to your opinions and I will most definitely lighten up on my previous narrow view of those who enjoy off-road vehicle sports and entertainment. Although my opinion hasn't changed regarding the sports themselves, I can see that you (plural) are not the "bad guys". I was lumping and stand corrected. Enjoy the day! Peace out.
commented by Blogger Deb, 9:37 AM  
I want to go to Moab. Everybody's talking about this new cool to visit destination.
I want that chili. YUM
commented by Blogger Máiréad, 4:24 PM  

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