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Out on the Limb

Smell of Smoke

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's 2:20 AM. I woke up 20 minutes ago to the smell of smoke, so I got up and turned on the computer.

There is a structure/grass fire at the intersection of University Ave and Fairmount Ave reported at the main CHP (California Highway Patrol) website. That fire was reported at 1:22 AM. That's several blocks from me. Hopefully, they got that one out. It is certainly not part of the main Harris or Witch Creek fires.

I can see an ominous orange glow in the far distance southeast of my place. That would be the Harris fire, I guess.
Well, back to bed. No...wait. I just looked out the window again. That orange glow has increased and has plenty of smoke with it now. It must be the Univ/Fairmount report.


posted by Deb, 2:21 AM


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