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Out on the Limb

Fire Links

Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego Sunset
Originally uploaded
by sand dragon
I'm passing along some useful links for info gathering re San Diego County fires:

Blogger "And Still I Persist" does a great job with logistics, unusual maps, and pictures. He's keeping us very up-to-date. Thanks, Bruce; you're a gem.

Also, see blogger "And Bedlam is Dreaming of Rain" who has listed several helpful news links and commentary.

Plenty of local help is being offered at the Craig's List forum and community pages.

I'm a big fan of maps: traffic and fire

Helpful phone numbers:
  • fire info at 619-570-1070
  • emergency hotel lodging assistance at 800-918-4182
I'm located a mile or two due south of the Qualcom stadium evac center (currently in a safe zone). "Last Blog on Earth" reports:
"Eric Wolff’s been hanging out at Qualcomm Stadium all day, talking to evacuees. He said that no one he’s talked to has fire insurance and tables set up by the various insurance companies are virtually empty. A spokesperson for the mayor estimates that there’s 3,500 people at Qualcomm right now, only about one-third the 10,000 person capacity (for sleeping, not game watching, of course). Eric says people are pitching tents in the courtyard and officials are asking for donations of cots, sleeping bags, pillows and blankets. There’s no shortage of food, however."
The sun is setting now, and the blanket of crud has become more visible. Best wishes to all my San Diego neighbors. Stay safe.


posted by Deb, 5:01 PM


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