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Out on the Limb

The Aftermath

Friday, October 26, 2007

Originally uploaded by rselph
Now that the immediate threat of fire is over for most of us, I am hearing stories of woe.

Today I spoke with a woman whose close friends had to leave their 60 goats behind when they evacuated. Upon their return, they found 54 had perished in the fire, and the remaining six had to be put down due to severe burns. The husband is suffering nightmares from the trauma of it all. I imagine many others are in similar anguish. So sorry for your pain....

We aren't all out of the woods yet with the fires either. Blogger Barboni is tracking a fire 15 miles from his home. Barboni does a super job with mapping and keeping us informed. Thank you....wishing you well.

Keep sending positive thoughts and love, folks!
Thanks, also, to rselph for providing the picture via a Creative Commons license. I'm not sure if rselph lives in SanFran or SanD. Either way, I hope he has stayed out of harms way as well.


posted by Deb, 12:33 PM


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