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Out on the Limb

Thousand Springs Scenic Drive

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Journey cont'd / Day 14 on 4-6-07

aqueductShoshone Falls
After our stop in Boise, we took the Thousand Springs Scenic Drive. Although the canyon was beautiful, it was still disturbing to see pictures of "then" and "now". The springs (below left) are also know as the lost rivers and have a peculiar and unique geology. Twin Falls (below, right) is permanently missing a Twin due to construction of a dam.
SpringsTwin Falls

I took this same scenic route on my return trip in June at the height of farmland irrigation practices. The water was reduced to a mere trickle in June having been diverted to the crops. I didn't even bother to stop and take a picture. It was an obvious reminder of how much beauty we sacrifice to keep our ever-growing population fed.

Idaho did a pretty poor job of posting tourist signs along this route, a perception I confirmed upon my return weeks later. Still, we had fun. Who doesn't love waterfalls?

End of day lands us in Burley, Idaho just off the interstate. The cheaper motels in town looked like crack houses. I imagine there is an attractive section of Burley, but I didn't see it. Even the recommended "best pizza in town" was dull and lifeless.
posted by Deb, 12:29 PM


Just beautiful scenery.
commented by Blogger CatWoman, 8:42 PM  
Very cute scenery. It was pretty good. Thanks for sharing it.
commented by Anonymous Free Cloud Hosting, 10:09 PM  

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