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Out on the Limb

Wa La

Monday, August 30, 2004

There are so many kinds of blogs out there. Browsing is endlessly fascinating I think. Occasionally I run across a string of blogs with the same words coming to the surface:


We all have those days. In fact, I'm having a rather severe case today. More like lonely and depressed which really isn't my style. Nevertheless...

So I'm about to give some advice and should take my medicinal advice as well. (Hint: If you don't want advice, stop reading here. I don't want to hear any bitching and moaning from you.)

1) bored - help out other people and/or Earth. There is plenty to do to keep you busy. If you have time to be bored, then apparently you are not having to spend every spare moment struggling to survive. And since you are reading this on a computer, you apparently are priviledged. Be grateful. Share your wealth of time. Wa la!!...end of boredom.

2) lonely - help out other people and/or Earth. We can solve problems by working together. It's a quick cure for lonliness. There are tons of good caring people out there. Participate. Wa la!!...end of loneliness.

3) tired - help out other people and/or Earth. Giving is energizing. You have to give away energy to get it back. Wa la!!...end of being tired.

I'm going to go harvest my pears now so that I can share them with my co-workers tomorrow. Helping doesn't have to be earth-shaking. How about you?

My blog "participation" has a link to help Tongass National Forest. All you have to do is click. Simple.

Namaste from Deb
posted by Deb, 1:18 PM


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