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Out on the Limb

no pun intended

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Outhouse trivia: A moon and stars were used in colonial times to designate the sex of the outhouses. Originally the moon was for women and the star was for the men. But the men's outhouse was usually in such disrepair, everyone wanted to use the women's outhouse. ...so, eventually they quit using the stars altogether.

Deb note: Since we are talking colonial times, it is safe to assume men built the two outhouses (one for each sex). It is also a good guess that two were built, instead of one, at the request of the women. Otherwise, this hard-working man could cut his work in half and just build one outhouse...which is what eventually came to pass (no pun intended).

But let's back up again (no pun intended). I have established that it was the women who wanted separate outhouses and apparently expected the men to clean up after themselves. However...the men were not so inclined. My question is...knowing that the men were not only slobs, and lazy slobs as well, why would the women allow the men to use their facilities? Answer---the men didn't ask. They just moved on over to the cleaner area and proceeded to foul that as well, which the women cleaned up. After the women discovered they were "stuck" (we know better now gals...right?) cleaning up after the men...a separate facility was no longer desired by the women.
posted by Deb, 9:01 AM


You forgot to comment on the smell, of a {Outhouse} after a man uses it. Also- don't think they know to use air-freshner, or replace empty roll of paper..lol
commented by Blogger 11181955, 7:22 PM  

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