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Out on the Limb

those cats

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I have 2 cats. I'm really a dog person; and I have 1 dog. My dog likes cats better than I do...except for Smitty the cat. Smitty is a dog hater and has made that very clear. Then he wonders why he doesn't have any friends! Smitty is neurotic; and scared of everything. I feel sorry for him. He waits for me to go to bed and then crawls up on my chest...and drools. (nasty) I have him trained not to come too close to my face. I could have a hundred pets and I'll bet Smitty wouldn't like any of them.

I know some people like that too.
posted by Deb, 7:35 PM


I laughed when I read about your cat-Smitty, I also have a Dog and cat both my kids promised me if I let them have. Along with all the other string of animals that have crossed our door, That same promise came, they would take care of them. Well we or should I say I have a 100lb. dog name 'Ziggy' hes around 8yrs. now, but thinks he's still a puppy, not sure why and thinks the world is his petting post and anyone in it better be his freind. Unless your another animal then stay out of his way because he don't share human-petting! Then theirs the kitten my daughter brought home 3-months ago, that we're trying to break from sucking on us when ever it can mostly when your alsleep,not good! thought was a girl till 3-wks. ago saw something growing on the back-side and you can only guess yes was really a boy!! with the name Pandora..lol (all it will come to)so we're trying to shorten it to Panda. Any way this cat fits its name well knocks the crap out of the dog, when ever it gets a chance..lol sorry but its funny as heck to watch.Think its part Evil-cat because, it will run up stand on two legs and Jap-slap the dog or you(came to us in June 2-wks.old.) Then runs off at wrap-speed to only make a re-turn to try and get you again if it can. Also takes dogs toys, then slaps him if trys to get them back...lol
commented by Blogger 11181955, 7:09 PM  
I hope you don't mind I'm going to put a link to you on my Blogger: coffee_talk.blogspot.com
So I can come back again. I like your writing makes me smile..TX's
commented by Blogger 11181955, 7:14 PM  

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