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Out on the Limb

Coming of Age

Thursday, September 02, 2004

I'm not mashing prunes with toothless gums...yet. So you young folks, listen up.
(I think young people sometimes assume that a disfigured body equals a lame brain. Not so...necessarily.)

The heartbreaking story of the executions of 12 Nepalese has been on my mind. In particular, I heard of one grieving parent who said "How could you leave like that, son. You didn't even call."

I can relate to this particular brand of pain, but thankfully not nearly to the same degree. From what I can tell (and remember) the time for young ones to leave home and strike out on their own is also a time for the young to symbolically cut their own umbilical cord. There is a strong drive to make your own way...be your own person...not answer to anyone else. sigh

Go ahead...do all that good stuff. But please phone home. We love you.
posted by Deb, 12:09 PM


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