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Out on the Limb


Sunday, September 19, 2004

I know why I'm a morning person. When I sleep, I defrag. All those little lines get put back where they belong in an orderly fashion. Dream time makes so much more sense to me than awake time. Dream time is sane. Then I wake up and see that insanity abounds globally, and I start fraggin' again. Can't we just all get along?

This is the child in me speaking....the one who doesn't care about politics or geographic boundaries or who started it; the one who cringes when anger and arguments are rife. I just want to enjoy this beautiful day without fear and pain.

I'm so fortunate- - -rich by most standards (percent of global population); on the poor side by other standards (U.S.). I have a patch of land with a garden and a couple of fruit trees. I have relatively clean air, water and health. What about you?

Share the wealth. You can't take it with you anyway. If you really want to hear me speak out about current events, please visit my other blog.
posted by Deb, 9:22 AM


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