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Out on the Limb

Peace breaks out

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

As I began my yoga practice this morning sitting in half lotus position, the cat came to sit on one knee. This is nothing unusual. However, today the dog came and placed her chin on my other knee.

For a moment suspended in time the two were at peace. Then it occured to one of them that the invisible barrier of tollerance had been breached. Although war was averted, tensions escalated when they remembered the hatred they harbor for each other.

It is an unnecessary cold war that goes on in my house daily. I have room in my heart for both. There are provisions enough for both. They are different, yet alike...both having been given the gift of life. Don't they know they are both loved?

Today, let us examine own predjudices and hatreds.

I remember the feeling as a child when I realized the world was not as my heart thought it should be.

The insanity must stop. We must grow up, or perish. Peace starts from within each of us.
It is the responsibility of our leaders to lead.

posted by Deb, 5:26 AM


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