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Out on the Limb

Lassie! Lassie! Lassie!

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Have you heard about rats being trained to sniff out earthquake victims and the like? This news takes me back in time to the leech "breakthrough."

Some time ago scientists discovered that leech saliva has healing properties. Apparently their saliva is an anti-coagulant anesthetic.

I haven't quite gotten used to the idea that someday I could be injured....immobile and speechless strapped to a gurney. I see a white masked face with twinkling eyes. I look down and see a pair of green gloved hands holding a bowl of slimy brown....what is that? ....ahhhhhhhhhhh.......LEECHES!!!

"This won't hurt a bit" the doc says gleefully.
...and I'm thinking, "Maybe it won't hurt me, but if you come any closer with that bowl you will be hurting plenty."

Now I have a new fear fantasy thanks to the rat trainers.
I'm an earthquake victim...lying in the dark and dust. waiting waiting waiting
I hear scurrying. I feel something crawling on me.

Awwww crimminy. Let's just stop right there.
For the love of God, would you please just send in Lassie?
posted by Deb, 3:47 AM


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