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Out on the Limb

No Phlegm Zone

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Once again the water in the bathroom sink slowly dribbled out...indicating that once again I need to scrape out the collective slimy gunk.

The nasty picture you see below might be soap build-up. But I don't think so. I'm with husband #2 and have raised 3 sons; and all of them seem to think it is OK to spit in the bathroom sink. I did cure them of spitting in the kitchen sink because they wanted to continue living. But with the bathroom door closed, they think I don't know....like I can't hear them snorggling and guffawing. If they absolutely must spit, I would prefer they use the toilet.

Why can't men be polite and swallow the phelgm like us women? You don't see us spitting everywhere. Maybe phelgm is good for you. Its gotta be better than genetically modified foods. Give it a shot....maybe that's why women live longer. Hey! Maybe I can get grant money to study the health benefits of phelgm! Never mind....I just looked at the picture again.


CHUCKY HAS BEEN CAPTURED...and appears to be well. He was found in a ditch behind a bank. By the way, when this story first broke, Chucky was reportedly 14 feet long. Then a couple days later an article said he was 13 feet long. Today's CNN article said he was 12 feet long. See what happens when you don't eat regularly, kids?

P.S. Do I have issues? If so, would you please leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks.

posted by Deb, 2:52 PM


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