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Out on the Limb

Eye Watch 1

Saturday, October 02, 2004

I've had this spot in my left eye for several months. I went to the eye doc, but he couldn't find anything. I went to my regular doc and got no answers there either. I went to a Naturopathic doc but the eye spot didn't seem to be of concern.

I decided to let things rest and just "listen" to my body to see what it has to say. The spot size has remained unchanged. But other things happen. Periodically I get "attacks", and I have written down the various complaints I have each time I am attacked by my own body. Recently, I began noticing that my brain is faltering. Now, maybe I'm just getting old. But I don't feel old (49). Sometimes I type "here" or "hear" and stare at the word trying to remember which one is correct for a particular usage. This is not normal for me.

Yesterday I tried to start the car with the house key; and when I got home I tried to open the house with the car key. Not good.

So last night before sleep I became willing to ask the dream makers what is going on with me.

I dreamt I was in a 2 story house. The sky was exposed. I heard a rumbling in the distance...and then saw the war planes. On their first run, I caught some shrapnel...but nothing serious. On the second run, we were hiding as best we could but it occurred to me that we really did not have an emergency plan. We stayed very very still and remained undetected.

I think my body is attacking me. I need to get a better plan than the one I currently have. (I exercise, eat pretty darn good, and supplement with herbs.) I need to be proactive before the war planes find me. I will go back to my regular doc and try to verbalize, once again, what I am feeling. (That process always leaves me feeling frustrated and sometimes angry.)

No matter where this goes, I will refuse radiation. I do not believe in killing one part of my body to save another. I think the brain is better than that. I think that with a positive attitude, intuitiveness, meditation, extreme healthy living for the body mind spirit...and primarily with education and the help and love of others, I can send the war planes away. What do you think?
Scared in Seattle...
posted by Deb, 10:18 AM


Deb, you're right to keep listening to your intuition. Peace and prayers, Sandy
commented by Blogger Sandy, 3:31 PM  

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