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Out on the Limb


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

By the way, I used to spend a lot of time wondering what BTW meant. I enjoy word puzzles, so I started working on the riddle. Unfortunately, I approached the riddle with memories of my days amusing myself reading classifieds in Chicago's free newspaper, "Chicago Reader". My thoughts went something like this:


Black Transgender White seeks....
no. I don't think so. Something doesn't work here

Bipolar Transient Worker seeks...
um...maybe; excpet transients don't usually place ads

Bawdy Tree Woman seeks...
huh? What would a bawdy tree woman seek anyway...son of Tarzan? (get a grip, Deb)

Eventually, I just had to ask. And I was told.
BTW = By The Way

Now....about "WTF"...
P.S. The Chicago Reader wouldn't be complete without visiting Cecil Adams. Here is the Straight Dope.
posted by Deb, 10:05 AM


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