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Out on the Limb

Cat Rolling and Dog Neurosis

Saturday, October 09, 2004

In the cat obit below, I mentioned that our dog tried to prevent the burial. When I tried to cover the cat's body with a cloth, she nosed it aside every time. So I just sat back and watched her. Whisper (our dog) placed her chin ever so gently on the body and looked up at me with huge sad doggie eyes. Finally, I had to insist she let us proceed. She watched the hole being filled in with dirt, and kept looking up at my husband in confusion. When the burial was complete, she pawed at the ground, but didn't dig.

Butcher was Whisper's surrogate mother when we brought the pup home at 10 weeks old. When Whisper matured, one of her favorite games was "cat rolling". Whisper would lie in wait for Butcher to be exposed in the middle of the yard, with no place to run to safety in time. Then Whisper would bolt out of her hiding place doing mach 5. When she reached Butcher, she would take her nose and roll the cat who had invariably braced for the impact by crunching herself into a ball. When the cat got too old to play, Whisper stopped. What a pair!

Ever since Butcher's death, Whisper has taken a dump in the house at night. She never used to do-do this. Are the two events related? Does she think we killed her surrogate mother? Are the dumps her method of mourning? Does she simply have an intestinal disturbance, and this is a coincidence?

I keep looking for the plug-in that allows a window of communication to occur between us. Then I remember it hasn't been invented yet. (Ponder the implications.) I have long believed communication between humans and other animals to be a possibility; but I don't know that I'll still be alive when this potential is realized. You heard it here first, folks!

posted by Deb, 10:12 AM


Before my choc lab died she used to act out in similar excretive ways. If I didn't pay enough attention to her she'd let it all out in such ways, stuff like that.

I guess I'd ask if Whisper ever did anything like that before, you know, to be deductive. I think it's possible she blames you for putting dirt on top of your mouser, though, even if she doesn't know she's gone.
commented by Blogger Malinsk, 1:03 PM  
I'm sure my cats would love for me to understand what they're saying. Although I don't think I'd like to hear them swearing at me when I run out of food.

My ex had to bury my Siamese for me. I just couldn't do it.

Sorry for the loss of your fur-baby.

commented by Blogger E in Oz, 4:24 PM  
I've heard of intuitives that communicate with animals - "pet psychics". I've never known anyone who's gone to one though. I'm so sorry for the loss of your kitty.
commented by Blogger Sandy, 8:46 PM  

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